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We design and provide commercial audio systems using all pro level equipment for long term reliability. We strive to design simple user friendly system that are easy to operate without the clients living in state of dependency on our firm causes recurring cost long after the project is finished. We have one of the highest quality construction/installation reputation in a very tough market, the Los Angeles metro area, with 34 years installing many systems in every type of commercial environment known. With 90 plus nightclubs, bars and lounges since 1984 to present, and still counting. Working as far east as Kentucky, and as far south as Acapulco, Mexico. All system design are approach with a "More Bang For The Buck" mentality to ensure clients get the best systems possible for their budgets, and not get the minimum to allow for big profits on our end. We run a tight economical business to provide top shelf systems. We do not represent any manufacturers, we will not sale you something that does not fit your space or project in order to make quotas. Most all jobs come by word of mouth from satisfied clients whom give referrals. 

Small to medium format stage PA/Live systems for churches and bars 

Small to medium format background/Foreground systems for Lounges, Taverns, Bars, Hotel Lobbies, Patio Decks, Rooftop Lounges, and etc.

Large format Nightclub systems 

70 Volt distributed sound systems, retail spaces 


Products used includes the following brands 

SLS Ribbon Loudspeakers 
JBL Loudspeakers 
CommuntyPro Loudspeakers 
Wisdom Audio Plannar Speakers 
RCF Speakers 
Bag End Pro Loudspeakers 
Electro Voice Loudspeakers 
EAW Speakers 
One Systems Loudspeakers 
Soundtube Audio Speakers 
Yamaha Commercial Speakers 
Golden Ears Loudspeakers 
Symetric Audio 
Sound Web 
QSC Audio
Crown Audio
Ashley Audio
Bose Pro
Rane Audio
Lab Gruppen
Yamaha Mixers
Soundcraft Audio Mixers
PreSonus Mixers
Shure Microphones
Sennheiser Microphones
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